Global Journeys for Young People to Build Peace

Participants Speak Out

Sami, Bethlehem/Jerusalem

“The ARK Summit here in St. Paul has been an outstanding learning experience for all of us. I will go home to Palestine/Israel to strive to communicate peace, compassion and justice in my homeland.”

– Sami, Bethlehem/Jerusalem

Inga, Lithuania

“To me ARK is a FAMILY. To meet as a FAMILY is a gift. I realized I am not alone on the road that gives hope to people. ARK empowers me to stand for justice.”

– Inga, Lithuania

Nasim, Palestine

“ARK touched my heart and filled it with love for the whole world.”

– Nasim, Palestine

Dalia, Lithuania

“ARK provides the opportunity for people from around the world to meet, grow with skills to make a better world for everyone.”

– Dalia, Lithuania

Steve, USA

“Each Summit of ARK has been even better than the last. We commit ourselves to learn, educate and grow in our actions of Global Citizenship.”

– Steve, USA

Chikondi, Malawi, Africa

“ARK is the world. It is full of diversity, community and is truly a GLOBAL FAMILY.”

– Chikondi, Malawi, Africa

Jacqueline, USA

“The action of ARK is to make love, justice, compassion, equality, human dignity for all as the purpose and energy of our life.”

– Jacqueline, USA

“ARK is very important for all of us. We meet as a FAMILY. In this Summit we worked on being Global Citizens. We worked on many issues to prepare ourselves to make this a brighter future for every person on this beautiful planet.”

– Emilija, Lithuania

Stacy, USA

“We have become further educated in how to live as Global Citizens. Our lives have been changed again and again for a more fair, just and hope, peace filled world starting with our own lives.”

– Stacy, USA

Wongolie, Malawi, Africa

“ARK has taught me to be more attentive to social justice issues. It has given practical skills for advocacy. I am excited to return home to put in practice the skiUs I have gained.”

– Wongolie, Malawi, Africa

Matas, Litiuania

“We came together as a FAMILY, now we can say with certainty we are a FAMILY OF GLOBAL CITIZENS. We care about people who hurt because they are walking, walking, walking to find a safe home I go back to speak out and to provide a home for others.”

– Matas, Litiuania

“ARK makes such a difference in our lives. We have something in us to build bonds across the globe. We get to experience what not too many people get to experience. We do not take this for granted at all. We will make a difference as we put into practice in the world and peoples lives all the powerful liberating democratic skills to become global citizens together.”

– Wali, Malawi, Africa

Julija, Lithuania

“All the work, knowledge, even fun experiences made all of us more aware of being a peace action world citizen. We are changed to change the world into a Global Family. We really do care about solutions in building world peace •. The world needs what ARK gives badly. I go home to build and be all I can be to make this a more united safe and open filled world for all.”

– Julija, Lithuania

“I am from Iran and know how important it is to be a Global Citizen. ARK is an INTERNATIONAL FAMILY and each one takes this seriously. I love and respect all of them.”

– Lili, Iran

Christian, Malawi, Africa

“I will not let ARK down. I promise to use the knowledge we have learned to change the world. Fire has been instilled in me and I know ARK will have future leaders, politicians, change makers and people who live and die for justice.”

– Christian, Malawi, Africa

Karen, USA

“ARK continues to be an amazing experience. We engage in tough subjects, we play challenging games and we tackle difficult solutions shared from our hearts.”

– Karen, USA