Global Journeys for Young People to Build Peace

International Coordinators

GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP is our theme set for July, 2019. We, your Global Coordinators, having discussed this with Judy and one another, have determined that we must take care of the UNFINISHED BUSINESS OF ARK VI when we embraced the MILLENNIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALS, (MDGs). Just days after we left New York, 193 Nations signed 17 SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS (SDGs) to continue finding solutions to the destruction of poverty, violence, human right abuse and educational equality for all.

As we shared this theme, some of the comments made by us were “BECAUSE WE CARE, brings tears came to my eyes and I believe caring, only as ARK can do, will build a mighty and long bridge that we as the ARK FAMILY will build and cross to human dignity, hope, liberty, promise and a celebration of global unity and respect.”

We will keep you all informed on dates and knowledge as we plan our next Summit, ARK VIII. Please know that ARK is a living laboratory where engagement in bilingual/bicultural conversation includes the practical and spiritual to the artistic. From the language of music from binational to regional ideas. All buzzing with potential and real solutions. Solutions being adopted and adapted by individuals, work teams, communities and countries. All stretching beyond the global boundaries of each person involved. An environment alive and transforming, GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP 2019!

Faithfully yours,
Sarni, Bethlehem
Chikondi and Wongolie, Malawi
Dalia, Lithuania
Anwar, Pakistan
Candelaria, Jessica, Leonel, Guatemala
Kumars, Iran
Rev. Cornell, Steve, USA

We are your Global Coordinator Team

  • Bethlehem – Sami Abu Ghazala
  • Guatemala:
    • Candelaria Chumil
    • Jessica Morales
    • Leonel Tum
  • Iran – Kumars Tootsie
  • Lithuania – Dr. Dalia Kiseliunaite
  • Malawi
    • Wongolie Mbano
    • Chikondi Chabakha
  • Pakistan – Anwar Ehtasham
  • USA
    • Steve Dobovsky, Minneapolis
    • Rev. Dr. Cornell Edmonds (Pastor) and Elizabeth Birkby (Clerk of Session), New York City