Global Journeys for Young People to Build Peace

ARK Accomplishments

ARK has grown from three countries, Guatemala, Bethlehem, USA, to include Lithuania, Malawi, Africa, Iran and Pakistan. New countries and participants listed below.

Training Manual prepared for each Summit inclusive of topics and skill development. Available as a curriculum

Created a Peace Park Playground In San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala, inclusive of a peace shelter where local children are read books and stories of peace by ARK participants. Used by hundreds of children and their families.

Initiated protest events in Lithuania against discrimination of immigrants.

Initiated camping program in Lithuania to teach children environmental issues and peace keeping.

Music by Matas Drukteims from Lithuania.

Chikondi Chabakha, ARK participant, is now a high school principal in Malawi.

Wongolie Mbano, Malawi, teaches and learns from young people who struggle to survive.

Favour Milowoka, ARK paricipant, now works with the International Plan for Water, a United Nations project.

ARK participants engaged in college peace and justice studies ~ working in housing project in Chicago ~ involved in NGO environmental project ~ nursing in a VA hospital ~ responding to crisis in Haiti through medical volunteering,~ consulting in sex trafficking program in Viet Nam ~ teaching in Korea, Africa, Jordan, Lithuania, Guatemala, USA and Jordan ~ working in orphanages with children whose parents are victims of HIV/Aids ~ medical research in 3rd/4th world children’s diseases ~ internship in senator’s office ~ peace rock band in Germany ~ study center for peace located in University of Minnesota community ~ volunteered for Peace Jam in Minneapolis ~ created an afterschool peace program for elementary age children in Minneapolis ~ organized three community events for International Day of Peace.

7 successful Peace Summits resulting in the practice of peace that is touching and influencing hundreds of people as a culture of peace is built worldwide.